About festival

Brač Film Festival is an international feature film festival for emerging filmmakers from Europe and the Mediterranean. Key goals of the Festival are: promotion of the first time feature film directors, presentation of short student films, development of film literacy amongst children and youth and connecting young film professionals with experienced ones.
Brač is a young and dynamic festival afloat in the Mediterranean, the historical center of the world, where the crossing of cultures, languages and people has resulted in a creative melting pot of art. Brač remains at the center of this, continuing to build bridges between cultures, generations and places. A crossroads in itself, this is an audience-based, young people-friendly and quality-focused film festival of the future, interested in fostering the creative growth of developing artists.
Since its foundation in 2015 Brač was recognised as a meeting point for young filmmakers from whole region. We are extremely thankful for the experienced professionals within industry who came to support festival and connected with emerging filmmakers such as Oscar-winner Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons, Atonement), Croatian film directors Vinko Brešan, Pavo Marinković, Nevio Marasović, actors Goran Bogdan, Nives Ivanković, Momčilo Otašević, Jelena Peričin, Slavko Sobin, Tihana Lazović, Stjepan Perić, Marko Petrić, Jelena Jovanova, Jovana Stojiljković and many others.

Our team

Festival director
Bruno Mustić

Ana Sikavica
Ivana Panić

Social media
Ivana Radić

Digital content
Jozo Jozipović

Volunteers coordinator
Đorđe Radusin

Locations coordinators
Matija Tošović
Filip Pjerobon

Latica Marević
Kim Končar

Technicality coordinator
Mario Vučemilović Jurić
Rezolucija d.o.o.

Music programme coordinator
Filip Trezner
Filip Badovinac

Tin Vučković, Izvan Fokusa
Dora Šarić

Emergency interventions
Danijel Handjal

Visual identity
Otto Kušec
Miran Bašić

Nikola Škarica

Željko Čalić
Damir Hamidović